Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

It is the customers responsibility to:

Communicate special needs to us and to read all emails we send very carefully and write down any special needs you may have. We can not be responsible for errors overlooked by customers, including spelling, graphic proofs, shipping address, items ordered, deadlines and other details of the order, sign and approved by you.


Trademarks & Copyrights

When directed by customer to print any copyright/trademarked logo supplied by any outside source, it is with the full understanding that Tshirtmart shall be acting merely as agent of the customer on the printing of said materials. The customer, as principal, shall be fully responsible for having secured rights for use of such logo and shall accept full liability for any claims or actions arising from its use. All graphics we convert and screens we work on become the property of Tshirtmart. The customer is renting the screens from us for the time it takes to complete their order. Customer agrees and understands that graphics sent to us will not be considered as copyrighted or trademarked unless indicated on the actual graphic with the legal copyright symbol.



Cancellations are only allowed 24 hours after receipt of payment due to processing of your custom design being applied to your garments.



If in the unlikely condition you receive merchandise that was not on your order, or the agreed design, you may contact our customer service department to discuss the specifics and be issued a return authorization number.

We love our customers, and we will jump through all kinds of hoops to provide you with the best service, garments, and work we do from start to finish. We offer our customers a place to order with confidence, knowing we treat each and every order with individual attention. Over the years, we have managed to set up an almost foolproof system... and 99% of the time we are successful. NOBODY does it better than us!

Order early and communicate well.


Disputes & Charge backs

Please read the following terms:
In placing an order, customer agrees to all of the following conditions.

We deserve to be paid in full for any service or t-shirt / apparel products we provide for your custom order you requested us to produce. Our bank charges us a fee for any credit card disputes. As a result, customers who attempt to charge back an amount be aware that you were under a signed contractual agreement with terms and conditions that, at the time, met your demands by your signature on that invoice because of not recognizing the charge or attempted refusal to pay for services we have provided, hereby agree and authorize us to charge an additional service charge of $45.00 per occurrence.



Orders placed are to be paid for up front, with no exceptions unless approved by our credit department, must secure orders with a personal credit card by the individual responsible for the order. Credit card will serve as a personal guarantee for the amount due in case of non-payment. Customers are charged for exactly what they are sent. Customer authorities us to charge additional fees on any unwarranted credit card charge backs, returned checks, unpaid invoices or amounts due to us. Customer authorizes Tshirtmart to charge a late fee of 3% per month, which will be added to the amount due, Customer also accepts and authorizes full financial obligation to pay any costs which we incur in collecting any unpaid debt by customer, including but not limited to collection company fees (additional percentage of the invoice), court appearance costs, lawyer fees and any travel expenses.